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Linda Tesar-Amimoto


Individual and Group therapy


                           MY MISSION STATEMENT
I feel that I was born with a deep desire to help others. The more I grow and learn, the deeper this desire has become yet tempered with the learning that only life experience can give. At a very young age, I lost my mother to cancer and this disconnect and the ensuing chaos of my childhood gave me much to overcome and work on. Leaving home at 18 to make my own way continually forced me to face myself. My hope of reconnecting to another never worked out and not wanting to just wait for this to happen, I traveled solo to different countries, during my adult life, exploring the ruins of ancient civilizations, observing and experiencing and practicing what I learned from my psychic teachers. Then I returned home to study more of what I had found there. This allowing me to step outside the box and cut to the chase. I realized that what I had been taught to believe by my culture, society and religion as real was merely a construct and being a construct this could then be reconstructed. I learned to listen to and follow my inner guidance, to go where none of my family had ever gone before. And the desire to help others is still there.
Please look further into Awareness Therapy Maui. Check out the types of therapy I provide at Awareness Therapy Maui. 

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Call 808 269-3948


  • Aloha care/Aloha Quest

  • Blue Cross/Blue Shield

  • HMSA


  • UHA Quest/ Tricare military

  • Ohana

  • UBH

  • Private pay/sliding scale

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