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About Me

As a licensed Marriage, Family Therapist my education and experience guide me to help you help yourself.  I received my Bachelors with a psychology concentration and then a Masters in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University (Los Angeles) 2007 and continued three more years of psychology study at Capella University. My focus was on Spiritual Psychology, Self Awareness and LGBT issues.  During this decade of study, I focused regularly on body/mind meditation and self awareness techniques. Previous to pursuing formal education I trained with teachers throughout the Los Angeles area in energy/aura work, past life readings/regression, channeled readings as well as Native American lost soul retrieval healing. I enjoyed a Spiritual Healing private practice in the Los Angeles area for a decade before beginning my educational journey. Feeling the limitations of having the psychic but not the formal psychological training I decided to combine the psychic healing with the western psychological approach and become licensed. In 2013, after a lengthy internship, I became licensed as a Marriage, Family Therapist (LMFT) in Hawaii.  




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