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Types of Therapy

What is Awareness Therapy?

Often when suffering from problems in life, you lose your way. You get lost in suffering and feel that there is no way out but this is not completely true; there always a way out. It is there, it has to be searched for and found. It is easier to do with help. By having a therapist, a connected yet impartial listener, you can be clue in to aspects of the problem you had not been aware of. This self-awareness can show you the path out of that lost space you have been in. Supported and in a trustworthy partnership with me, you arrive at your own discoveries, moving past the scary parts to become free of fear and old, undesired, patterns. Becoming aware of what was previously unnoticed, by bringing the awareness into the present, you can release the previously held thoughts and beliefs that held you, bound up, in the suffering place. This can shift you at a physical, mental and emotional level. The connection to me as your therapist helps you stay grounded in this journey and change; you are not alone.
Together, we search for and find what is not in your awareness, yet is affecting you so deeply, through methods such as guided meditation, energy work and of course, talking story. I help reflect back to you what is heard and felt on the many different levels. I seek out with you the unconscious repeating patterns of your life to bring them into to awareness.  Together, in an emotionally secure space, we reconnect you to parts of yourself long lost or forgotten. By healing that which has been cut off from your awareness, by rejoining to you those parts hidden away in fear, as you rebuild your inner resources and become more whole, more grounded and secure.

One example of when you are in that lost space is when you find yourself having an extremely high emotional response, far beyond what it realistically should be, occurring to relatively mild events in your life. This confusing reaction and the intense feelings that come with it is an indicator of deep unconscious split off part(s) that need to be found and reclaimed.
Often this is a place you might have come back to, again and again, and cannot seem to get past, no matter how you try to avoid the feelings. It could be that you find yourself repeating actions, choices or behaviors in your life that do not suit you and you want to stop or change them. Working through them with awareness therapy guidance into the unconscious areas that you have not been able to access allows you to understand, integrate and finally to move beyond. 


Individual therapy is with you alone. You might bring in another you want to improve your relationship to, like a sibling or son/daughter. session.


You join with others in a specific group to explore who you are in relation to others. This is done in a safe social setting with the therapist's guidance .


 From the comfort and privacy of your place therapy is conducted using secure online video communication. Contact me for more details.

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